Workshops are an integral part of Valley Gives.  In the past, we have seen that there is a direct correlation between workshop participation and successful Valley Gives day results.

The following workshops are planned for Valley Gives 2016. 

Razoo: Overview of Valley Gives
Completed. Please see Recording

Presenter: Razoo
Format: webinar
-The first 30 minutes will provide an overview and operational details for organizations that are new to Valley Gives or people wanting a refresher.
-The second 30 minutes will address what’s new and different in 2016. This 2nd half is applicable  for all Valley participants including those experienced organizations.

Razoo: Making the Most of Matches and Peer Fundraisers.
Completed. Please see Recording

Presenter: Razoo
Format: webinar
More detailed strategy discussion for organizations that are seeking to do matching gifts and/or encourage peer fundraisers (a new tool available on Razoo) to raise money on their behalf from individual networks of people.

Matterness: Making People Matter More in a Social World
Completed. View Powerpoint slides (audio to be uploaded by end of March)
Presenter: Debra Askanase
Format: in person
Matterness is a way to make your people feel known, acknowledged and invited to participate in efforts. Passive audiences become active, and passionate supporters then become your best ambassadors. Supporters enthusiastically contribute their knowledge, networks and funds to support your cause. This workshop will focus on using the principles of Matterness to make your people feel acknowledged, empowered and activated using social media. More info on matterness.

Maximizing Volunteers for Valley Gives
Completed. View handouts and Powerpoint slides
LaTonia Naylor, United Way of Pioneer Valley & Lindsay Bennett-Jacobs, RSVP
Format: in person
Please join us for a Valley Gives training which will give you ideas and tools to maximize the use of your volunteers. Presenters will share best practices as well as new and exciting ideas on ways to utilize your volunteers effectively for a Valley Gives campaign and beyond.

Using Video to Promote Your Organization for Valley Gives
Presenter: Diane Pearlman, Berkshire Film and Media Collaborative and Carrie Owens
Format: in person

Valley Gives  101
Presenter: Michael DeChiara
Date: March 28, 6:00-7:30 pm and March 29 9:30-11:00
Format: in-person
Workshop will provide an overview and operational details for organizations/people that are new to Valley Gives or folks who wantng a refresher. In addition, we will review what’s new for Valley Gives 2016 including setting up matching gifts and the use of peer fundraisers.

Making the Ask: Writing a Brilliant Appeal
Presenter: Eric Phelps, Rainmaker Consulting
Format: in person
You may be among the many nonprofit professionals suffering from fundraising letter writer’s block. If so, this workshop will provide you with a framework and practical tips for creating compelling appeal letters that connect your organization with your donors and prospects in a meaningful way – not only for Valley Gives but all of your individual fundraising campaigns, both online and off.

Knowing Your Donors Through Data Segmentation
Presenter: Kevin Martone, Harold Grinspoon Foundation
Date:   April 7, 9:30 to 11:30
Format: in person
With some strategically invested time and effort – your database can become invaluable. It can be a tool that allows you to truly understand your donors and prospects and send them customized, segmented communications. In addition to providing tips to help you prepare for Valley Gives Day, this workshop will share ways to make your donor database work for you long-term.
Location: Valley Venture Mentors, Tower Square, Springfield
Register here



10 Responses to Trainings

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  4. Thank you for offering all of these wonderful trainings! We’ve enjoyed participating and learning valuable skills from amazing presenters.

  5. Will these be recorded for.those that want to attend but may have other commitments

  6. Janis S. Gray says:

    I just attended the Matterness workshop at HCC (as volunteer with M.N. Spear Memorial Library, Shutesbury). Debra Askanase had assured us we could get copies of her slides so we didn’t have to write everything down, but I didn’t see printouts. Another attendee suggested she meant we could find them online and print them out. But where? Thanks!

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