Peer Fundraisers

Getting Started with a Peer Fundraiser Page

How to set up Peer Fundraiser (individuals) Developed by Karuna Center for Peacebuilding

About Matches: 
Will a donation made to a peer fundraiser contribute to meeting the organization’s match grant?

If an organization has a match on its organization page, any donations made through a peer fundraiser supporting that organization, does NOT count against the organization’s match. Only matches made directly to the organization count to a match. In this way, fundraisers have the unique opportunity to have their own matches. Donations only get applied to matches on the page the donation is made. So for example, a peer fundraiser had a match (nifty idea), a donation to her/him would go to that match. Please note that ALL donations to a peer fundraiser flow to the organization and are shown as funds raised even if they don’t get applied to a match