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Supporting Valley Gives With Your Donation and/or Connections

The Community Foundation of Western Massachusetts hosts Valley Gives because we understand that a regional Giving Day has been a powerful way to improve the quality of life in the Pioneer Valley.

Individual donors are the heart of Valley Gives success! When we think about increasing the spirit of the philanthropy in the Pioneer Valley, it is fundamentally about people understanding how they make a difference and choosing to act to become that difference.

Individuals can support participating organizations with Valley Gives in two ways:

Thank you for supporting the many organizations that serve our communities!

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Resources for Donors

The Community Foundation not only supports organizations by facilitating donations on Valley Gives Day but we strive to support an engaged and knowledgeable philanthropic community in the Pioneer Valley. We have assembled a range of resources designed specifically for donors. This includes a few educational videos, as well as other materials for those of you interested in philanthropic giving. We hope that by offering donor information and resources, the Foundation can assist individuals who are interested in philanthropic giving to become more knowledgeable and proactive.

For Valley Gives 2016 we will be offering videos and other resources to Valley Gives donors as a practical way of supporting the growth of philanthropy in the Pioneer Valley.