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4 Responses to Stay Connected

  1. Eric Lipkin says:

    I have some basic questions; Prior to 12/12/13 where do we direct our links/ traffic too? Is it our Razoo page or our own current web page?

    We are thinking of hosting an event on 12/12; are there any online securiy issues when having people donate using our on site library computers?

    Thanks for your help and support.
    Eric Lipkin
    Storrs Library

    • Valley Gives says:

      Hi Erik: When the Valley Gives preferred search engine is live (see post Nov.1st), you will have a link that directs donors to your site specifically for Valley Gives. Until then, I would direct your donors to your regular donation giving link.

      It is great you are planning an event. I love the idea of using the Library computers as Donation Stations. Razoo could answer any security concerns that you may have. However, I know on their end there are no sceurity concerns. We would noit be using them if there was.

  2. Eric Lipkin says:

    Thanks for your reply. When does the link go live?

    How do I contact Razoo directly?

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