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New gifts add an additional $25,000 to the amount that will be givenout as GOLDEN TICKETS during Valley Gives

Springfield, MA – A week from today over 350 local nonprofits and programs will participate in western Massachusetts 24-hour e-philanthropy event – Valley Gives. Thanks to an additional $25,000 in gifts from local individuals, the prize pool will now be $225,000. This last minute generosity is a repeat of last year when donors stepped forward with just days until the event to add their additional support.

Last year when Valley Gives was originally conceived, the plan was to give out $150,000 in unrestricted cash to participating nonprofits in the form of bonus matches and to those that inspired the most donors and raise the most money.  A year later, thanks to the overwhelming generosity of local residents who support Valley Gives as a mean to promote philanthropy, the project is able to give out an additional $75,000 in 2013.

The 2013 prize structure is structured differently from 2012.  Instead of a small number of large-dollar Golden Tickets this year more smaller tickets will be given away.  This means approximately 30% of all the participating nonprofits will be eligible to win a Golden Ticket.

The structure this year is as follows:

  •  Nonprofits in each budget category (budgets greater than $300K, budgets less than $300K) will compete for bonus grants presented to the top three slots for “Most Money Raised” and for “Most Donors.” (In each category First place $10,000, Second place $7,500 and Third place $5,000).
  •  In keeping with our 12.12 theme, nonprofits in 12th place for “Most Money Raised” and in “Most Donors” in each budget category will get a $1,200 bonus grant.
  •  Hourly, beginning 9:00 AM until 11:00 PM, a randomly selected donation made by a participating donor will have $1,200 Golden Ticket added to their gift.
  •  Throughout the day there will be five Bonus POWER HOURS (at 7:00, 10:00 AM, 12:00, 4:00 and 6:00 PM) when a total of 92 Golden Tickets will be added to randomly selected donations.

Valley Gives will take place Thursday, December 12, 2013 from 12 AM to 11:59 PM. Gifts can be made at Potential donors are encouraged to follow Valley Gives in real time on Facebook at or on Twitter @ValleyGives.

Valley Gives is a new initiative spearheaded and hosted by the Community Foundation of Western Massachusetts.  Joining this effort as partners are eight of the leading funding organizations serving western Massachusetts, including: Jewish Federation of Western Massachusetts, Jewish Endowment Foundation, Women’s Fund of Western Massachusetts, United Way of Hampshire County, United Way of Franklin County, United Way of Pioneer Valley, Irene E. & George A. Davis Foundation, and The Beveridge Family Foundation.

Valley Gives is generously supported by Featured Sponsors: Big Y, Easthampton Savings Bank Foundation, Inc.; Doherty, Wallace, Pillsbury, Murphy, P.C., UBS Keady Foard Montemangi Wealth Management Group and The Dennis Group, LLC. Underwriters: Balise; Peter Pan; United Personnel, Andrews Associates, Greenfield Cooperative Bank and Paragus Strategic I.T. as well as numerous individual donors.

Featured Media Sponsors include: Newspapers of New England (Daily Hampshire Gazette, Greenfield Recorder and Valley Advocate), The Republican and and WWLP TV-22.  Additional media sponsorship comes from: The Reminder Publications, The Westfield News Group, Saga Communications (WRSI-FM, WHMP-AM and HITS 94.3) and Lazer 99.3.

Valley Gives is powered by Razoo, the crowdfunding platform for causes. To date, Razoo has helped Massachusetts-based organizations raise more than $52 million through secure, easy-to-use, online fundraisers.

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About Valley Gives

Valley Gives will be held on May 3, 2016 to support non-profit organizations throughout Hampden, Hampshire and Franklin Counties of western Massachusetts
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5 Responses to VALLEY GIVES 1 WEEK AWAY, PRIZE POOL NOW $225,000!

  1. Vivian Liu says:

    Will the Golden Tickets be given to people who donated at a specific hour? For example, will the 10 am golden ticket and the 10 am Bonus Power Hour Ticket be given to a random donor who donated between… 9 and 10 am? Or will all donors who have donated between midnight and 10 am be eligible?

    (wondering if the strategy is to have multiple donors at all hours, or to have everyone donate in the early morning…)


    • Valley Gives says:

      Vivian and Keith: Here is the answer to the question about the $1200 Golden Tickets. There will be posting on this early next week, with more details.
      Hourly Golden Tickets:
      Drawn hourly from 9 AM to 11 PM. (14 in all). From 9 AM to 10 AM one ticket will be drawn and then posted by 10:15, 10 AM to 11 AM ticket will be posted at 11:15 etc. The pool of donors for these drawings will be any donor throughout the day. So if a donor gives at 10 AM they could get a Golden ticket at 6 PM.

      The Power Hour Tickets: (4 hours throughout the day, times and to be announced soon, 20 per hour)
      These tickets will be ONLY for those who donate in that power hour. The reasoning for this is to generate activity around that hour. The hours are determined by what we would consider slower giving hours. These power hours are to insure that the donations keep rolling in without hesitation.

      There will also be 12 Golden Tickets drawn at 7 AM for those committed donors who either scheduled a gift before the giving day or gave from 12:01 AM to 7 AM.

      THERE WILL BE NO DUPLICATE WINNERS, one per participating nonprofits.

  2. Where do we find the answer to these comments/questions? I was wondering the same thing as Vivian.



  3. debhabib says:

    Thanks to all at Valley Gives/CFWM! Wondering if there is an easy way for potential donors to search by county, or if there could be. For example, at the top of the valley gives page where it lists the three counties in a bracket the design makes it feels like one could or should be able to click on a county to find non-profits within. Could that happen? I understand if it is too much for now, maybe next year–
    thanks for everything, excited,

    • Valley Gives says:

      Hi Deb: This is a great idea, unfortunately we can not make anymore changes to our website at this late date. However, I can create a post losing nonprofits by county. I will do this and have it listed on the Participating Nonprofits Page of the blog.

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