Tracking Donations to Your Nonprofit on Valley Gives Day

Why Follow Donations on 12.12.13?

Tracking donations to your nonprofit on Valley Gives on December 12th is essential.  At the most basic level, it allows you to see how you are doing in terms of dollars raised so far and number of unique donors throughout the day.

Following this information on the day of will also help you see what promotion tactics are working, thank donors in real-time, and more.

How to find this valuable information:

1) Log in to your Razoo nonprofit page.

2) Once you are logged in, you’ll see the tabs below: (remember them from building your page?)


3) Click on the “Donations” tab. Here you will see all the donations that you have gotten on your donation web page for the last 30 days. The report is updated about every 20 minutes on Valley Gives day.

The page will be laid out in a spreadsheet format with headings that look like this: DonationsTab Here you can privately see all your donors, their donations, what time they gave their donation and other valuable details.

This information is also valuable after Valley Gives

This information is not only useful on Valley Gives, but also afterward in your donor database.  To download this information go to the bottom of the page and look for a link that says “Download all donation history as a spreadsheet.”

Click on this link and download your spreadsheet and open it in Microsoft Excel. If you want this to be an Excel file then you can go to “save as” and select “Excel Workbook.”

Q: Where can the public track dollars raised and number of donors?

A: On the leader boards at on 12.12.13.  Look at the appropriate leader boards for your organization (“Larger Nonprofits Amount Given and Unique Donors” or “Smaller Nonprofits Amount Given and Unique Donors”).  Unique donors and Amount Given are shown for all participating nonprofits.

The image below is an example from a recent giving day in Utah:


About Valley Gives

Valley Gives will be held on May 3, 2016 to support non-profit organizations throughout Hampden, Hampshire and Franklin Counties of western Massachusetts
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