Valley Gives: Razoo How to for 12-12-13 and beyond

This week we’re going behind the scenes on Razoo and will discuss how to use the platform on the day of (and beyond).  Today: how to track your nonprofit’s progress on 12.12.13.

If your nonprofit has worked with Razoo in the past, your organization’s page will not reset or “zero out” before Valley Gives day.  Therefore, if you have previous donors from Valley Gives last year or any other time they will show on your page.

On 12.12.13, the web page will transform into a live scoreboard.  In fact, there will be four “leader boards”:

  1. Larger Nonprofits, most dollars raised
  2. Smaller Nonprofits, most dollars raised
  3. Larger Nonprofits, most unique donors
  4. Smaller Nonprofits, most unique donors

Each leaderboard will show which nonprofits are currently in places 1 – 12.  The leader boards are updated every 15-20 minutes.

Each nonprofit currently in a prize-winning position will have a star to its left.  For Valley Gives, there are leader board prizes for first, second, third, and 12th place on each leaderboard.  The actual leader board prize winners are announced only once, at the end of the day.

If your nonprofit is not in one of the top 12 positions, you and your donors can still track how you are doing from the home page.  Simply click on the “Next > ” button at the bottom of your leader boards.

The image below comes from a recent Razoo give day and shows where to do this:

Razoo How To 1


About Valley Gives

Valley Gives will be held on May 3, 2016 to support non-profit organizations throughout Hampden, Hampshire and Franklin Counties of western Massachusetts
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2 Responses to Valley Gives: Razoo How to for 12-12-13 and beyond

  1. Ruth Griggs says:

    Question: So if a nonprofit is simply updating last year’s Razoo page to ready for this year, the donation amounts, etc. from last year will still show up on that page. Yet somehow those donations will NOT be counted on the leaderboard. This could cause some confusion as when a donor (or the nonprofit) looks at their Razoo page, they will see a different number than what’s going to show up on the leaderboard. Have I got that right?

    • Valley Gives says:

      Hi Ruth: Here is the response from Razoo on the subject of Leader Board totals verses individual donation page totals, both number of donors and dollars raised.

      “Organization pages are never zeroed out in our system as they keep track of all donation activity made to the page (ever) on Razoo. Organization pages, essentially, are like an NPOs landing page for all activity on Razoo and in our database, an organization page will never be zeroed or removed unless the NPO looses its 501(c)(3) status or we manually delete the page.”

      Understandably, Razoo’s database works like any other database that a nonprofit organization uses. We would never zero out the amount a donor has given in the past because we want to know that donors history of giving. In most nonprofit’s database you can search by campaign the dollars raised or numbers of donors participating in that specific campaign. Consider Valley Gives as one campaign of many that Razoo has in any given year and each donor who gave during Valley Gives 2012 and then 2013 as that donor’s history for Razoo.

      It is up to the nonprofits to explain to there donors the different stats between the leader board on the site and their individual donation page during this Razoo campaign.

      We hope this all makes sense. We have tried hard to have clarity around this program and not everything is intuitive. This is one area that deserves a clear explanation, as it is a little complicated. We thank you for being a stand that every organization understands this distinction between the Valley Gives leader board and their donation page.

      Good luck on Valley Gives day 2013!

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