Planning an Event for Your Nonprofit on 12.12.13

how to plan your event for VG13You guessed it, this week we are talking about tips for traditional media & donations for Valley Gives 2013.

Today: planning an event for your nonprofit on Valley Gives day.

At the most basic, make sure there is a computer available at your site on 12.12.13 where you can help someone make a donation.

If you want to get more elaborate…

1. Strategize: think about what you are trying to accomplish with your event.  Do you want to reach the most people, raise a lot of money, attract media attention, or just have a great photo opp you can leverage on social media?

2. Make sure you are educating people about your mission and sharing stories at your event.

3. Keep it fun! What is your organization’s personality and what makes sense (and makes people smile) based on what you do?

4. Keep the event welcoming – to supporters, the media, and potential new donors.  If your event is newsworthy, be sure to send a press release about it (and tell us at Valley Gives so we can do the same!).

5. Don’t forget – Valley Gives will also be planning events for 12.12.13 but these events are for media and donors, not for participating nonprofits – you are best off being active on social media or planning your own event.  Think of the events set up by Valley Gives like voting – no campaigning too close to the voting place!


About Valley Gives

Valley Gives will be held on May 3, 2016 to support non-profit organizations throughout Hampden, Hampshire and Franklin Counties of western Massachusetts
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