Fundraising and Online Giving Strategies

Direct mail and online resources can be difficult to manage, especially because the data seems be in constant flux.  To keep us one step ahead, Blackbaud INC has some important advice to give us.  Here are some highlights from their 2012 study, specifically how to use technology to strengthen donor loyalty.

1)  “Develop a Branded Sustainer Program”

What do one-time donations and sustainer donations have in common?  In 2012, they are on the rise!  One-time donations rose by 10% and sustainer donations increased by 27%!  Make donating to your organization an interesting and engaging experience by providing benefits to various levels.  At last year’s giving day, New England Public Radio did a mini-version of this by creating an excellent graphic and creative campaign to attract sustain donors.


2)  “Narrow your Focus on Donor Appreciation”

Create a gratitude strategy that shows each individual donor how important their donation is to your organization.  Megan from The Food Bank of Western Massachusetts watched the clock on Valley Gives Day 2012 and sent out a personal thank-you email immediately after… each donation.

3)  “Utilize Product Features”

Email click-through and response rates plummeted in 2012, although they have been diminishing for many years now.  This means that the stream is totally saturated with messages and it is time to use products to make your message stand out.   Blackbaud INC recommends that e-mails should use “conditional content, donation forms with dynamic ask strings and responsive design pages (which take mobile into account)”.


What is your organization doing to engage your donors online?  Share with us by leaving a comment!

Blackbaud. Online Marketing Benchmark Study for Non Profits. N.p.: Blackbaud, n.d. 2013.
The 2013 ENonProfit Benchmarks Study Infographic. Digital image. M+R Strategic Services, 2013. Web.Web.

About Valley Gives

Valley Gives will be held on May 3, 2016 to support non-profit organizations throughout Hampden, Hampshire and Franklin Counties of western Massachusetts
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2 Responses to Fundraising and Online Giving Strategies

  1. We have a brand new website whose focus is partly making it easier for our customers and donors to interact with us, whether it’s donating, purchasing tickets, or just commenting. The new website is at, and it would be great if people could have a quick look at it, give me thoughts/suggestions.

    I’m still working on how to get “sustainer” giving online, but that is coming soon. This was a great article, because it reinforced what I have always felt. It’s about establishing a connection, a dialogue with your donors and customers. Thanking is part of it. Giving them a way to be heard is another.

  2. Valley Gives says:

    Susanne- what a great website! Like you mentioned, it is very easy to become engaged in a variety of ways. Thanks for your comment, stay tuned for more!

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