A poster for you to use!

Download this .pdf of a Valley Gives poster that you can add your message and logo to and use for your promotional purposes.  Don’t forget that you can download the Valley Gives logo and create any materials you need.

Vallet Gives Participant Poster

About Valley Gives

Valley Gives will be held on May 3, 2016 to support non-profit organizations throughout Hampden, Hampshire and Franklin Counties of western Massachusetts
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2 Responses to A poster for you to use!

  1. Heather Hall says:

    Thanks for the poster! This is a different question/comment. For those people who do an internet search for Valley Gives with the desire to donate to their favorite charity it is not easy to do a search for their organization. You need to scroll down the page, find the link (Find a Nonprofit) click and then search. Wouldn’t it be simpler and easier for folks to use if the search bar were right at the top of the Valley Gives homepage rather than 2 clicks away?

    • Valley Gives says:

      The day of version of the new website will have a big button at the top visitors can click to go right to the search.

      As we’ve learned from Razoo, 95% of the traffic to your Razoo page (and the resulting donations) will come from people you’ve sent directly to it. A very small percentage of donors will end up at your page from the search.

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