Adding Additional admins and managing your page.

By now we hope you are thinking about who is going to be on your inner circle team for 12.12.12.  Who are the workers?  Who are the helpers?

One thing you might want to consider is making members of your inner circle Admins on your Facebook page.  It is very simple to give multiple individuals administrative access to your page.  With multiple Admins you can each share the work to put up posts and monitor page activity.  The complete rundown on how to add Admin to your page is available on Facebook right here.

Another tool that Facebook has that could be a huge help to you during Valley Gives if the Facebook Pages Manager App.  If you have an iPhone or Android smartphone you can add this app to your phone and be able to create posts, check on traffic on your page and upload photos directly to your page.  This is the perfect thing to have if you expect to be out of the office on 12.12.12!

Check out this great article on HOW TO: Use The Facebook Pages Manager App


About Valley Gives

Valley Gives will be held on May 3, 2016 to support non-profit organizations throughout Hampden, Hampshire and Franklin Counties of western Massachusetts
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