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Registration is closed for Valley Gives 2013

It is sad but true, nonprofits can no longer register to participate in Valley Gives. Thanks to everyone who did register it looks like 2013 will be an amazing year!

If you are a participating nonprofit, you can check out the nonprofit toolkit here to start planning for the big day on 12.12.13.

Organizations that would like to participate in Valley Gives 2014 and would like advance information should sign up for the email list on the homepage.

Registering? Your questions answered

Whether you are almost done registering or just starting the registration process (the deadline to register has been extended to Friday, September 27th at 8pm) here are some helpful tips:

Registration for Valley Gives 2013 has three steps:

  1. Sign up for Valley Gives 2013 using the registration form at
  2. Complete the required nonprofit intake survey (hint: you have to complete this survey, then we’ll send you details for step 3!)
  3. Sign up for required (and additional optional) trainings.  You will receive the links to sign up for trainings once you have completed steps one and two.  If you are working on those steps but haven’t completed them yet, you can see when trainings will be held here .  Then complete steps one and two and watch for the sign up link in your inbox!

If you took part in Valley Gives 2012, you still have to register for Valley Gives 2013!

You won’t have to rebuild your Razoo giving page but you do need to:

Start winning now!

All organizations that complete ALL THREE REGISTRATION STEPS by September 27th will be entered to win one of two $500 grants! Get these three steps finished and be entered to win!


Valley Gives is offering more chances for nonprofits to win prizes, enhanced training and even more support for our nonprofits. Don’t miss this great opportunity to elevate your social media and fundraising game in 2013.

Finish your registration and win $500!

The deadline to sign up for Valley Gives is coming up quickly – you have until Tuesday, September 24th to get your organization registered.

However, registering with Razoo is just the first step! There are two more steps to be fully signed up for Valley Gives:

  1. you must complete our required intake survey, and;
  2. then respond to the email inviting you to sign up for the Valley Gives trainings

As incentive, all organizations that complete ALL THREE STEPS by September 27th will be entered to win one of two $500 grants!

Get these three steps finished and be entered to win!

The Valley Gives Intake Survey is Live!

To help us plan a better Valley Gives we need to get some key general organizational information as well as a social media profile of all of the groups participating. For NPOs that were part of Valley Gives last year, you’ll find  the questions in this survey very similar to last year’s intake survey.  For groups that are participating for the first time you may need to take a few minutes to pull together all of the information you’ll need to fill it out.  Ultimately, we use the information that you give us to help develop the content for the trainings that we will be hosting in October as well as evaluate the success of Valley Gives.

THIS:  EVERYONE needs to fill out the survey as part of your registration for Valley Gives.

THIS: If you don’t fill it out you will not be allowed to participate in Valley Gives 2013!

What you will need to fill out the survey:

  • Time: The survey will take about 30 minutes to fill out.
  • You will need your organization’s EIN number (This is an IRS number – your Employee Identification Number. If you need help tracking it down the most likely person to know it will be your bookkeeper or someone in accounting.)
  • Social Media info: You will want the person who handles your NPO’s social media to help you with the survey (if that isn’t you.)  You should have all of your social media profiles open on your desktop when you are filling out the survey so you can have access to the numbers of ‘likes’ and followers in your accounts.
  • There are questions that ask you what your organization’s experience is with social media: how you use it, what you use it for, what you plan on using it for. This is information you’ll want to gather from the staff members responsible for your social media.
  • If your organization fundraises using social media: how much money have you raised? Do you have any dollar goals for your fundraising efforts.  You want to check with your development staff or volunteers.

Got all of that pulled together?  Click here to get started filling out the survey!


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